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YouTube’s School for Gamers will teach you how to monetize your videos | Digital Trends Spanish

Video game content is one of the most viewed and popular on YouTube; Every day, many clips related to the topic are published, from rehearsals to live broadcasts. And to support those behind that content, YouTube will give a series of trainings in what they call the School for Gamers.

Basically, this school will provide ideas and suggestions to present the content and make it look better or have a greater scope. The trainings will be focused on various topics, ranging from live broadcast formats to monetization possibilities, as well as a special panel called Women in Gaming, with a gender perspective.

These trainings will begin on November 23 and will be organized as follows:

  • How to make successful live broadcasts: November 23rd.
  • YouTube Shorts and Gaming: November 25.
  • Monetization alternatives for gamers: November 30.
  • Women in Gaming special panel: December 2nd.

Once issued, the trainings will be available within YouTube and within everyone’s reach, so it will not be mandatory to be present at the time of publication of each one of them. However, those who want to participate in each live session can register on the YouTube Gamer School site.

These trainings come just when YouTube is in doubt because of a decision that has not been entirely well received by the community: to remove the counter. dislikes of the videos. YouTube said it did so for the health of its users and content creators, but even some influential personalities have expressed public rejection of the measure.

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