Thursday, September 21

YPF celebrates 100 years with a double objective and an invitation


On June 3, 2022, it will be 100 years since the creation of YPF. During this time, the company led the exploration and production of gas and oil and the refining and supply of fuels throughout the country; contributing to the creation of entire towns and communities; and developing different business units such as Chemical, Aviation, Transport and Agro, among others, to provide solutions to all sectors of the national industry. I think so Y-TEC, the bridge between the productive and scientific sector of YPF together with CONICET, to generate new technologies and solutions that add value to the different production chains in which YPF participates.

energy cap ytec ypf tec.jpg

YPF is recognized for its closeness to its customers, the quality of its products and services that are part of our daily lives, for its history, its federal presence, and for its leading role in the productive development of our country. But she is also recognized for her undisputed leadership and her vision for the future.

With the development of Vaca Muerta, the world’s second most important shale gas reserve and fourth in oil, Argentina’s hydrocarbon resources multiplied, confirming the opportunity to achieve energy self-sufficiency. Since ten years ago, YPF has led the activity in Vaca Muerta, developing important efficiencies that will allow it to double its production in the coming years, export crude oil to the world and gas to regional markets, and finance the necessary investments in the medium and long term to reconfigure the energy matrix of our country.

Loma La Lata Vaca Muerta field oil gas.jpg

Kindness: Petroquimica Magazine

With the same vision of the future, YPF has begun the transformation of its industrial complexes to adapt them to unconventional oil and adjust the quality of its fuels.

Also, the renewal of the network of service stations under the project began. Station of the Future in which cutting-edge technology is incorporated to give its customers the best experience through digitization, converting them into multi-energy mobility solutions and with a new sustainable image that is already being deployed and will soon reach more than 1,660 mouths that it has in the country.

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YPF celebrates its first 100 years, a reason for celebration and pride for those who inhabit Argentine soil. In this framework, the company invited all Argentine men and women to join this celebration to join us in the great challenge of continuing “promoting what is ours.”