Thursday, February 2

YPF Luz will provide 100% renewable energy to Accenture offices

According to the companies, the agreement will reach 2,475 MWh/year, equivalent to the consumption of 800 homes and will result in a reduction of 5,210 tons of CO2 in 5 years, according to data provided by CAMMESA.

YPF Light Los Teros Wind Farms in the City of Blue

YPF Light

“In Argentina, the supply of energy from renewable sources is just taking its first steps, with 11.8% of the electricity matrix so far in 2021, according to CAMMESA. In this context, the milestone of supplying ourselves with 100% renewable energy reaffirms Accenture’s responsibility and commitment to the environment and the community, and adds to all the actions that the company has been developing related to the efficient use of energy, such as 100% LED lighting, the use of solar panels and solar hot water tanks, presence sensors and photocells, solar control sheets, among others”, he commented. Sergio Kaufman, CEO of Accenture HSA.

Martin Mandarano, CEO of YPF Luz, said: “Since 2013, we have assumed the commitment to work for the energy development of the country, prioritizing the generation of efficient and sustainable energy. The agreement we made with Accenture reaffirms our leadership as providers of renewable energy to the main industries and large users of electricity and our commitment to accompany them in their sustainability strategies”.

At a global level, Accenture plans to reach zero net emissions by 2025 and in this context, this building will be the first in Latin America to be supplied with 100% sustainable energy.