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YPF President says that “there is nothing” defined about an increase in fuels

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But immediately the president of YPF clarified the sayings in dialogue with AM 750: “I think that when Roberto Feletti expresses himself in relation to this, he is thinking that an extension of the tax on liquid fuels will expire in December, something that has a direct impact on the pump”González said, adding: “The Ministry of Energy of the Nation is working on extending this expiration until the Law for the Promotion of Hydrocarbon Activities resolves it. If an extension is not taken before the end of the month, that will happen; but it is working so that it does not happen “, Held.

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The president of YPF, Pablo González, led the presentation of the company’s investment plan to referents in the hydrocarbon sector.


The company executive also had to clarify that currently there is no agreement for freezing fuel prices and denied the Clarín newspaper. “A newspaper says that the freezing of gasoline is over and there will be increases, but there was not a freeze, nor did anyone say that next month there will be increases. At the beginning of the year we explained how our investment plan was going to be and how they were going to make increases in March, April and May “, González explained.

The YPF president recalled that there was a fuel price freeze with Decree 566 of 2019 with Mauricio Macri. “Three days after losing the PASO, they freeze gasoline with a fictitious price of the dollar and Brent. That did not happen here. We presented an investment plan and announced three increases and with a lot of effort we are sustaining it. It is a pressure from the market. “González said.

“Nobody said that gasoline increases as the newspaper says. It seems to me that they want to compensate for the good news that we were giving the day before: that YPF increased its production, that $ 23,000 million were earned in one quarter and that we reduced the debt to levels of the year 2015 “, said in reference to the balance of the third quarter presented this week.


So far this year, fuels have risen 34%, in several sections.

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Along these lines, González indicated that YPF showed very positive results. “In addition to increasing profitability and recovering production, it reduced its debt to 2015 levels. Yesterday the stock rose 5% on Wall Street, and the stock in Argentina has the highest value of the last 5 years. We are very happy with these results. We must recognize all the workers of YPF who with much effort obtained this result “, he remarked.

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