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Yunior García, the main promoter of the marches against the Government of Cuba, arrives in Spain

The Cuban playwright Yunior García, one of the main promoters of the marches against the Government of Cuba called for this Monday, is in Spain after last weekend he could not carry out his plans to parade through the streets of La Havana after the security forces besieged his home.

The “spy Fernando” infiltrated a seminar with Felipe González and Cuban opponents in Madrid

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Government sources have informed Europa Press that García, founder of the Archipelago movement that called for the 15-N protests, has landed in Madrid after applying for a tourist visa.

García Aguilera, 39, was locked up in his house in Havana for the entire day on Monday, blocked by agents of the Cuban State Security, and separated from the media by a Cuban flag that covered his building.

Cuban security forces prevented the Cuban activist and dissident from walking through central Havana in what was intended to be a preview of the protests called throughout the country calling for political change.

García Aguilera has made the Cuban government uncomfortable by putting a face on the Archipelago initiative of marching on November 15, calling for a political change on the island, freedom of expression and the release of the so-called “political prisoners.”

The objective of the march, as he explained, was “to shake a country, make people aware, generate a debate that causes changes”, something that he hopes will happen “in the most peaceful and civic way possible.”

The Cuban opponent, who has traveled on a commercial flight, has arrived in Spain accompanied by his wife, sources have specified, without it being clear for now what his future plans are.

The Cuban government denies that there is any agreement

The Cuban government has assured that there has been no agreement between Havana and Madrid to facilitate the departure of the dissident’s country.

A representative of the Cuban government has indicated in statements to Efe that the Cuban authorities “have nothing to do” with the departure of García Aguilera and has considered that the activist would have processed the tourist visa on his own.

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