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Zahara says in Toledo that he has felt “a lot of fear” and lived a “beastly hatred”

Zahara has said during his concert in Toledo that he has felt “a lot of fear” in recent weeks and that he has received and experienced a “beastly hatred” after the controversy over the withdrawal of his promotional poster within the tour of his album ” Puta ‘. Anyway, the singer has made it clear that in those moments she has always remembered why she made the album.

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“Hopefully those people who were so deeply indignant because they thought he was calling the virgin a whore would understand that this photo is a complaint. A complaint about how we are required to be perfect, because of the pressure we feel to be mothers, because of how it is expected of we who are saints and for each and every one of the times we have been called a whore. ”

This is how he manifested himself before the thousand people who attended his concert this Friday in Toledo, who chanted “We are all whores”, according to The Country relates.

The poster announcing the concert tonight, in which Zahara appears dressed as a virgin, holding a child in her arms and with a band in which you can read ‘Puta’, the name of her latest album, was withdrawn last August 11 and replaced by another image, something that generated great controversy because Vox had requested it and because many singers and artists showed their support for Zahara.

The concert has started quietly, but the audience has been encouraged as the songs progressed and in the middle of the concert Zahara spoke to thank “everything you are giving me” and also to explain how she has felt in these weeks.

“At the same time that I have been living and feeling this force thanks to you,” she pointed out, “I have been living and receiving a beastly hatred that, I have to admit, has also made me feel very insecure, very small many times. I’ve been very scared many times. ”

María Zahara (Úbeda, 1983) has admitted that not every day she had the energy she needed: “I have had many concerts in which I have been blocked, with a lot of anxiety; I have wanted to cry in many concerts and in many others I have cried; and there are times when I just wanted to hide under a duvet and I was nobody. ”

And there have also been days, she continued, when she was “petrified” before going on stage and felt “real panic” to face her songs and everything she was experiencing.

But in those moments she remembered a friend, who had to run away, with her son in her arms, because her husband had just hit her, “and I take all that anger and I take all that anger and I go up on this stage and I remember why I made this record , I remember why it is called ‘Puta’ and I remember why I made that cover and I remember why I wear the brand, I remember my whole story and why it is still necessary to continue telling “, he stressed.

He lamented, in this sense, that “when some people used my artistic expressions to attract attention and to attack me, I thought that the more than 150 interviews I did when this album came out had been of no use”.

Zahara has been very well supported by the public at her concert in Toledo, who have applauded standing for several minutes when she has spoken.

Shortly after midnight, two hours after the start of the concert, Zahara left the stage with all the audience standing applauding.

“Completely grateful for what you are giving me. Thank you really,” said the singer.

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