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Zapatero announces a new era in Venezuela and Guaidó describes him as a “Maduro lobbyist”




The interim president of Venezuela, Juan Guaidó, denounced yesterday that the regime of Nicolás Maduro finances the former president Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero and Spanish left parties like Podemos. Both Zapatero and the co-founder of Podemos Juan Carlos Wallet They were invited by the Venezuelan president to support the regional elections held this Sunday.

To a question from ABC at the press conference he gave yesterday in Caracas, Guaidó accused Zapatero of being a ‘lobbyist’ and Maduro’s agent before national and international political parties. And to Juan Carlos Monedero for being hired to make propaganda “in favor of the Venezuelan dictatorship.”

“But if what Zapatero is looking for is to whitewash the dictatorship, let me tell him that he is not going to achieve it”Guaidó said when revealing that he has not met with the former Spanish president and “I do not intend to meet with that man” during his stay in Caracas.

Zapatero traveled accompanied by Monedero invited by Maduro this past weekend to witness the regional and local elections where more than 70,000 candidates had registered to compete for more than 3,000 positions of 23 governors, 335 mayors and regional councilors and deputies. The news of his presence in Caracas was published without prior notice last Saturday when Zapatero He was received by Maduro at the Miraflores palace. Immediately afterwards, both the Spanish president and the politician Monedero praised the process of “normality and non-violence” of the elections where the armed Chavista gangs shot dead the young voter Antonio Urdaneta in a San Francisco polling station in the state of Zulia.

Zapatero is the talk of Venezuelans who sarcastically attribute his visit to Caracas to collect his money. “Maduro pays him with gold nuggets,” they say in the huddles. And Monedero is also criticized for coming to collect the defense of the regime. “It doesn’t come for free.”

“I have always believed, despite the difficulties, that dialogue was possible,” Zapatero said in his statements to the Contrapunto news portal, where he affirmed that any model of conversation “Opens new opportunities to the country”. Zapatero added that he advocates that any dispute of Sunday’s results “be arbitrated through established procedures. What you have to do is help Venezuela.

In his previous visits, Zapatero used to stay at the residence of the Spanish Embassy, ​​but this time he did it in a capital hotel And the politician Timoteo Zambrano, a member of the so-called ‘scorpions’ of the Maduro regime, has been accompanied by his cicero.

The 61-year-old former Spanish president appeared this weekend as an international observer, as did the co-founder of Podemos, Juan Carlos Monedero, who praised the electoral process and said he had seen “the prestige and balance of the electoral body that must be taken as an example by other countries.

The opposition leader Maria Corina Machado, told ABC that “all Venezuelans are very clear that Mr. Zapatero is an agent of the Maduro regime regime, which has insistently sought to provide stability and prolong his stay in power, which has brought suffering and agony to society. Venezuelan. The fact that in the face of a farce like the one that occurred on Sunday is presented in Venezuela, is the demonstration that there are external interests actively operating to wash the face of the regime.

“Being already so clearly identified as part of that fabric and international interests, far from legitimizing Maduro, what he remembers and confirms is the seriousness of these ties that have not only spread in America but also have operations in Europe,” he said. one of the main detractors of Maduro.

Along the same lines is the Venezuelan opponent Henrique capriles radonski, who also called Zapatero “Maduro’s agent” questioned his visits to Venezuela.

The former president has visited Venezuela about forty times, since his first appearances in Caracas in 2015, and this year he has done so twice, at least publicly. In his speeches, he reveals his chavista seams. He has worked as a mediator in negotiation processes with the opposition and has also been a close friend of Jorge (president of Parliament) and Delcy Rodríguez (vice president), the brothers who are part of Maduro’s circle of trust.

Zapatero has even been reported by Julio Borges, Chancellor of Guaidó. After the 2017 negotiations, held in the Dominican Republic and in which Zapatero was a mediator, Borges revealed that he received threats from the Spanish politician: “I received personal and family threats from the Maduro regime itself, from people like Zapatero, Delcy Rodríguez and Jorge Rodríguez and Tareck El Aissami. The threat that if we did not sign we would be imprisoned permanently “.

The so-called regional ‘mega-elections’ last Sunday left Maduro screwed in the Executive Power, after having consolidated his electoral farce, with the help of the CNE, an organ created by Chavismo and whose interests have made the regime perpetuate in power. . The latest results grant 18 governorships to Chavismo, three for the opposition and two still in dispute (The states of Apure and Barinas, where the differences are 2,000 and 600 votes respectively and last night there was still 10 percent to be scrutinized).

From now on, and after the holding of these rigged elections, Chavismo will insist on the lifting of sanctions and will prepare to seek the continuity of its government in the next presidential elections scheduled for 2024. But the opposition can cast its last letter on next year: call a referendum to revoke the mandate of Nicolás Maduro.

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