Saturday, September 25

Zapatero, Varoufakis, Chomsky and more than a hundred public figures warn of the damage that Bolsonaro causes to democracy in Brazil

More than a hundred representatives and world public figures are mobilizing against the danger to Brazilian democracy represented by the country’s president, Jair Bolsonaro. Among the signatories of the initiative promoted by the Progressive International are the intellectual Noam Chomsky; former Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis; former president José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero; and Fernando Lugo, former president of Paraguay, among others.

“President Jair Bolsonaro and his allies are preparing a nationwide march against the Supreme Court and Congress on September 7, sharpening fears of a coup in the world’s third-largest democracy,” the letter says. : “We are deeply concerned about the imminent threat to the democratic institutions of Brazil. President Bolsonaro has intensified his attacks against the democratic institutions of Brazil in recent weeks.”

Although Bolsonaro says that the demonstrations on September 7, when Brazil’s Independence is celebrated, will be for “freedom” and “conservative values”, some groups that call them call for a “military intervention” that closes Parliament and the Supreme Court and keep the ruler in power, reports Efe.

The call has been rejected by Congress and the Supreme Court itself, and condemned by business organizations, banks, unions and political parties of the more moderate right, which in recent days have published manifestos in defense of democracy and against any kind of “authoritarian adventure”.

The Progressive International manifesto adds: “We are deeply concerned about the imminent threat to Brazil’s democratic institutions – and we will remain vigilant to defend them before and after September 7. The people of Brazil have fought for decades to guarantee democracy. against military rule. We must not allow Bolsonaro to take it from him now. ”

The text is also signed by former Colombian President Ernesto Samper; former Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn; the former Colombian candidate Gustavo Petro; the general secretary of CCOO, Unai Sordo; UP MEPs, such as Idoia Villanueva, Sira Rego and Manu Pineda, and deputies from the confederal group, such as Pablo Echenique, Sofía Castañón, Rafael Mayoral, Aina Vidal, Gerardo Pisarello, Juan López Uralde and Miguel Ángel Bustamante.

Bolsonaro, whose popularity is around 25% according to all the polls, has reiterated that he will be present at those demonstrations “together with the people”, that he will give “an ultimatum to those people” who “do not respect the Constitution.” According to the president, “the people” in the street will demand that those who “challenge him” to “bend before the Constitution, defend freedom and understand that they are wrong, but that there is always time to redeem themselves.”

Raising his tone, the Army reserve captain added that “as a military man,” he vowed “to give his life for the Fatherland and freedom” and that, together with “the people,” he will be able to “defeat those who want to lead Brazil for the way of Venezuela, “reports Efe.

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