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Zelenski will intervene next Tuesday by videoconference before the Plenary Session of the Spanish Congress

Volodomir Zelenski, the president of Ukraine who continues to resist the attempted invasion of his country by his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, will make a statement before the plenary session of the Spanish Congress on Tuesday of next week, at 4:00 p.m., according to reports. parliamentary sources confirmed to this newspaper and the president of the Lower House, Meritxell Batet, announced later. The format will be a brief intervention by Batet introducing Zelenski, the statement by the Ukrainian president and another brief by the head of the Spanish Executive, Pedro Sánchez, at the request of the invaded country’s diplomacy. The whole act will last half an hour.

Russia and Ukraine outline a peace agreement awaiting Putin’s approval

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The president of the Lower House and her team have been negotiating in recent days with the Ukrainian embassy in Spain trying to close the date of the intervention of the country’s top leader who has been experiencing a bloody attack since last February 24, and has finally agreed to be next week.

The initiative came from all the parliamentary groups in Congress that, at the beginning of this month, when the war was going through its worst moments, sent Batet a letter asking him to promote “the pertinent steps” so that Zelenski could intervene “through of videoconference” before the plenary session of the Lower House. On March 11, the president sent a letter to the Ukrainian president requesting this intervention, which the president has already made in the parliaments of other European countries such as Germany and France, as well as before the United States Congress.

Batet, in his letter, called the Russian action an “illegal and unjustified military aggression” that “so much suffering” has caused the Ukrainians. “First of all, I want to convey to you, on behalf of the Chamber I represent and on my own behalf, my solidarity and support in these difficult times, as well as my recognition and admiration for the determined struggle of Ukrainian citizens in defense of their freedom. and its sovereignty”, added the president of the Lower House.

An “opportunity” to listen

In the letter, Batet also wanted to make it clear that “both the Spanish institutions and the citizens” of the country “have expressed the strongest condemnation of the invasion of Ukraine and have shown their closeness to the Ukrainian people through various solidarity actions.” He also recalled that “the Spanish Government, as revealed” by Pedro Sánchez in the session on March 2, “is firmly aligned with the position of the European Union and has committed to sending Ukraine defensive and offensive material , as well as the reception of refugees”.

In the opinion of the president of Congress, Zelensky’s intervention before the Plenary “will constitute a magnificent opportunity for the Chamber, and all Spaniards, as well as all Ukrainian residents in the country, to be able to listen to his message and express” his “more strong support”.