Sunday, February 5

Zelensky meets Biden in Washington today, his first trip out of Ukraine since the start of the war

The President of Ukraine, Volodímir Zelenski, has confirmed this Wednesday that he is traveling to the United States to meet with President Joe Biden and to offer a speech in plenary session of the Congress of that country.

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“On the way to the US to strengthen Ukraine’s resilience and defense capabilities,” Zelensky said on his Twitter account. A message in which he has also confirmed that he will hold a meeting with Biden. “I will discuss the cooperation between Ukraine and the United States. I will also have a speech in Congress and a series of bilateral meetings.”

This is the first foreign visit by the President of Ukraine since the country was invaded on February 24. A conflict that has just exceeded 300 days.

The White House had already announced that Zelenski would visit the US and that he intended to intervene in a joint session of the two Houses of the US Congress.

“President Biden looks forward to welcoming President Zelenski to the White House today, December 21,” White House spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre explained. At the appearance, the spokeswoman also confirmed that during the visit Biden will announce a new aid package for Ukraine so that he can “defend himself against Russian aggression.”

A high-level US administration official has confirmed in a call with reporters that Zelensky will only be in Washington for “a few hours.” During his stay, he will hold a conversation with Biden at the White House and then speak before legislators in plenary session of the country’s Congress.

Biden’s announcement will be the delivery of a new $2 billion military aid package to Ukraine, which will include a battery of Patriot missiles. This is a highly effective anti-missile defense system that kyiv has been requesting from Washington for some time.

The United States is Ukraine’s main ally in the open conflict with Russia and has approved several million-dollar packages of economic aid and weapons in recent months to help kyiv in its defense against the Russian military invasion.