Tuesday, June 6

Zelensky orders the evacuation of the Donetsk region in eastern Ukraine

Ukrainian President Volodimir Zelenski has ordered this Saturday the evacuation of the Donetsk region, in eastern Ukraine, which has been the scene of several clashes with the Russians in recent days.

In a message through Telegram, Zelenski has assured that Ukraine is not Russia “because precisely for us, every life is important. “We will take every opportunity to save as many lives as possible and limit Russian terror,” he added.

Six civilians have died in the Donetsk region during the last day as a result of Russian attacks, as announced by the Ukrainian authorities on Saturday.

The head of the province’s military administration, Pavlo Kyrylenko, wrote on his Telegram account that a total of six civilians lost their lives and another 15 were injured this Friday in different locations near the front. “The Russians killed six civilians in the Donetsk region, two in Kramatorsk, one in Vodiani, one in Kurdiumivka, one in Pervomaiski and one in Kermenchik,” he has claimed.

In the case of the attack on Kramatorsk, in the west of the region, the Ukrainian authorities specified that the deaths were caused by the impact of a missile.

Kyrylenko added that over the last month, a total of 662 people have died in the region as a result of Russian attacks and 1,711 have been injured.

In addition, kyiv today reported the murder of 50 Ukrainian prisoners in a prison of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic located in the town of Yelenovka (also known as Olenivka, in Ukrainian), while Moscow strongly denies it and blames Ukraine for the attack.