Monday, November 28

Zelensky: “This is the moment when Russia’s destructive war can and must be stopped”

The president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, assured this Monday in a videoconference intervention at the G20 leaders’ summit that “he is convinced” that “this is the moment when Russia’s destructive war must and can be stopped”. Zelenski, who had been invited to participate in person, intervened by videoconference at the beginning of the summit, where the war in Ukraine monopolizes much of the attention.

Zelensky visits the liberated city of Kherson: “We are ready for peace”

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“We will not allow Russia to take a breather, rebuild its forces and then start a new episode of terror and destabilization,” Zelensky told the G20 leaders, according to the transcript of his speechheld behind closed doors.

The Ukrainian president made the intervention after returning from Kherson, where Ukrainian forces have recaptured the city. “Kherson is the only regional center that Russia managed to occupy since the February 24 invasion and now Kherson is liberated,” he emphasized during his speech.

The Ukrainian leader addressed the G20 leaders in a closed-door speech. However, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, present at the summit on behalf of Vladimir Putin – who refused to attend – was not in the room when Zelensky spoke.

Although victorious after the liberation of Kherson, Zelensky warned: “We still have to fight for a while”, although he was sure that “victory” will be his.

“An overall value”

Zelensky presented a series of proposals to the G20 leaders in a document. Among them are guaranteeing security in nuclear matters in the face of threats from Russia –which the presidents of the US and China, Joe Biden and Xi Jinping, condemned yesterday–; and contain the “radioactive bomb” that the Zaporizhia nuclear plant, bombed by Russia, supposes, according to the president.

Likewise, he urged seeking measures to ensure “the right to food of each person in the world”, an agreement reached by Moscow and kyiv last July to allow the export of Ukrainian cereals and which expires on Saturday.

He also referred to the need to guarantee “energy security” in the face of Russia’s attempt, he said, to “turn cold into a weapon against millions of people,” stating that Moscow “is interested in maintaining the energy crisis.”

Zelensky called for the release of all prisoners and deportees, the implementation of the UN Charter to restore Ukraine’s territorial integrity, and the withdrawal of Russian troops and the cessation of hostilities.

That is the way to “prevent an escalation of the conflict” that confirms the end of the war. “Dear leaders, peace is a global value, which is important to every person in the world. I am convinced that it is also for each of you”, stressed the Ukrainian president.

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