Friday, December 3

Zero Rate! Binance now allows free withdrawals in Reais

Binance announced a good change for investors in the cryptomarket in Brazil: As of this Thursday, the 11th, the most famous cryptocurrency brokerage in the world removed the fees on withdrawals in BRL (real), however the new policy will only affect the who made withdrawals to CapAccount accounts.

As advertised by Binance on its official website, in partnership with the bank capital, the brokerage will now allow users who are trading in reais and who have balances in BRL to make withdrawals to CapAccount without any fee, good old totally free.

The change takes effect from today, the 11th, and it can certainly be a great opportunity for those who withdraw in reais to be able to reduce a little of the damage when converting cryptos. In addition, it can be a good opportunity for those who have smaller amounts and didn’t want to withdraw so as not to lose a high percentage of that saved amount.

Taxa zero

The official post on the broker’s website states that users will be able to continue making withdrawals from BRL to their account via bank transfer, but without the advantage of the zero fee.

Since the beginning of September, fees for bank transfers have been adjusted to R$2.60 per withdrawal, this value remains unchanged.

The possibility also helps Binance to remain one of the most beloved brokerages among investors in Brazil, which also has one of the best books of offers in different pairs.

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