Saturday, December 4

Zero unveils the SR 2022, an electric beast that reaches 200 km / h

Zero is currently “the Tesla of electric motorcycles.” It is one of the most technologically advanced manufacturers, and the SR/S y SR/ F are proof of this. The company has now renewed the Zero SR, a naked sports car with 110 hp and improved autonomy of up to 365 kilometers.

The new Zero literally powers up

Zero has renewed its SR, the electric sports naked par excellence. This new model is one of the biggest battery evolutions the company has had in recent years, with Zero unveiling the new battery pack that will have both this model as well as the SR / F and SR / S.

Zero’s new batteries come in 14.4+ or 15.6 kWh + configurations. The ‘Plus’ indicates that both batteries can be delimited by software, to reach a maximum capacity of 17.3 kWh.

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If we want even more capacity, it is possible to increase it by means of an accessory that replaces the glove compartment of the false fuel tank and that allows to increase capacity up to 20.9 kWh, a very high figure for an electric motorcycle.

With the additional deposit, up to 365 kilometers per city can be traveled

With this ‘Power Tank’, the autonomy of the Zero will be 365 kilometers in the city and 182 kilometers when we hit the road and exceed 112 kilometers per hour. This Zero SR is limited to 167 km / h although, if we limit it, it can reach 200 km / h.

Too the weight of the batteries has been reduced by almost three kilos, as well as improvements in air cooling. At the design level, the Zero SR is practically a copy of the previous model, with a sporty line and designed for two people.


At a technological level, Zero boasts of its new operating system Cyper III + and its mobile application. Thanks to the new software, the motorcycle can be updated by OTA, allowing improvements in its behavior (greater fast charge, heating the grips, controlling the GPS) and unlocking the total capacity of the batteries.

The new 2022 Zero SR has been advertised at a price of $ 17,995 (additional deposit costs $ 2,865 extra) and it will be available from the third quarter of 2022. There is no news about its availability but, currently, we can buy both the SR / F and the SR / S in Spain, so this new model should arrive in our country.