Thursday, December 2

Zinli, the digital wallet, presents its first physical card to the Panamanian market

Currently 8% of Panamanians over 15 years of age have a credit card, while 29.3% have a debit card, according to the Global Findex Database.

To obtain them, Panamanians are forced to meet a series of requirements that are often not within their reach, which limits the possibility of having a payment instrument.

Having this clear reality, and in the era where the Fintech more and more are conquering ground in the digital ecosystem, the wallet Zinli tIt scratches the virtual environment and offers an option so that 100% of Panamanians, of legal age, can have a physical card Prepaid VISA International.

Zinli is an inclusive digital wallet, designed to send and receive dollars instantly, from and to any part of Panama.

Your users they can count on a Zinli Visa Prepaid Virtual Card and now too its physical version, without the need for a bank account. They can obtain it by logging into the application Zinli and making the request.

It will arrive at the door of your house through a local delivery company or an ally.

The Zinli Visa Prepaid Virtual Card now it has its physical version. Although digitization is a reality, we realized that if we want to promote financial inclusion in Panama, we must design solutions that merge the virtual with the physical, and thus make it easier for Panamanians to carry out their transactions on line or directly at any business in the VISA network ”, he commented Javier Buitrago, gerente general de Zinli.

From the Zinli App the user has control and autonomy in managing the movements made with the Zinli Visa Prepaid Card.

In addition, it allows you to withdraw cash available in your digital wallet through ATMs of any Panamanian bank that accepts Visa card. Coming soon, you can also make cash withdrawals in allied businesses.

The user will only have to pay the cost associated with the acquisition and delivery of the Zinli Visa Prepaid Card, as it has no annuity or maintenance cost.

We seek that more Panamanians can access the payment ecosystem with a reliable instrument that allows them to quickly and easily dispose of their money, without hidden costs ”, he added Buitrago.

Since its foray into the market, the digital wallet Zinli has registered more than four hundred thousand downloads in Google Play Store and in the App Store.

When registering, a Zinli Visa Prepaid Virtual Card that, once recharged, our clients use it to make purchases online at Amazon or Walmart, pay subscriptions to streaming services like Netflix or Spotify, and make purchases at any of the more than forty-six million merchants affiliated with the Red Visa in the world with the Zinli Visa Physical Card.

Financial inclusion seeks to reduce poverty and inequalities, key factor for the development of countries.

For this reason, Zinli aims to innovate in digital payments, and now physical, to provide financial well-being to Panamanians, offering solutions where technology becomes an enabler to provide access to the payments ecosystem.

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