Friday, December 3

ZipCharge Go: a portable battery for electric cars | Digital Trends Spanish

Just as there are extra chargers for phones or other portable devices, they can also exist for electric cars. Like this one from ZipCharge called ZipCharge Go, which is a portable battery the size of a suitcase.

According to ZipCharge, the objective of this product is “to democratize the charging of electric vehicles by carrying the charger in the same car”, which allows recharging the batteries anywhere. Currently, there are charging stations only in specific sectors of the cities and there are cases in which that can be a problem, which is solved with the ZipCharge Go.

The device has a capacity of 4 kWHh and has a fast charging system that allows to reach 100 percent of the battery in a period of between 30 and 60 minutes, depending on some conditions such as temperature or charging power.

The portable battery can add between 20 and 40 miles (32 and 64 kilometers) of autonomy, which should be sufficient for the average urban commute. The ZipCharge Go also has an application for phones, with which you can monitor the status of the battery and know exactly how much charge it has and data like that.

An important detail of a device like this has to do with its ports. ZipCharge ensures that the battery can be connected to any type of power outlet (yes, these vary from country to country); in turn, it connects to the vehicle through a retractable system with a standard type 2 port, used by various models of electric cars.

ZipCharge introduced the ZipCharge Go in the middle of the COP 26 climate summit taking place in Scotland. The company’s plan is to sell it, although the final price has not been announced yet, but it was said that there will be a monthly rental plan and that it will cost around $ 67.

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