Friday, February 3

Zoe’s Cositorto defended himself against accusations of scams: he took aim at the financial and crypto world

“From Zoe we dedicated ourselves to education 5 years ago. We started with 500 students and today we are approaching 100,000. Although none of them had problems collecting their earnings, recently we were victims of a smear campaign,” writing began.

He highlighted that “In all these years we have not had complaints or claims from any member of Generación Zoe, so it is surprising that the attack comes from outside, from users linked to the financial and crypto world, and that it has arisen from anonymous accounts.”

According to Cositorto, “The attack was based on lies that were very easy to demolish and, even so, they were published and repeated ad nauseam. For example, from one of the main anonymous accounts that came out to attack us, they spread an old monotribute of mine, even though it is very easy to verify that not only am I not a monotributista, but that I am a Registered Responsible, with companies in my name and I have been the president of Zoe for a long time”.

In response, he noted that “In Argentina, Zoe has a trust, and that 7.5% in dollars that we pay monthly and that everyone notices, we generated it for a long time in the world of trading and the real economy, which allowed us to pay always in a timely manner. In fact, this week we will be paying all our users on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, as we have always done”.

Finally, the founder of Generación Zoe left a message to all the members of his organization: “Thank you for trusting us as always and we are waiting for you this week in our offices to see us and continue growing together as we have been doing for five years. “.

At the beginning of January, the CNV announced that it had initiated an administrative investigation against Generación Zoe SA, Universidad del Trading SA and Leonardo Nelson Cositorto for the possible execution of a public offering and irregular intermediation in the capital market.

Also, it was reported that An international alert will be issued on the IOSCO portal – an international organization that brings together all the world’s capital market regulators – and specific communications to the regulators of Colombia, Spain and Paraguay. They were informed of the opening of the investigation and alerted the other regulators and the public investor in general about the findings of this research.