Wednesday, August 4

Zoom diversifies and buys a call center company | Digital Trends Spanish

Zoom is beginning to prepare for a pandemic-free future. The company has bought Five9, a platform for contacting clients type call center but in the cloud, and for which they are going to pay the equivalent of almost $ 15,000 million in shares.

This is Zoom’s largest acquisition and it doesn’t have much to do with its core business area. Five9 provides technology for companies to contact their customers, but being cloud-based, executives can carry out work from home (this is where the convergence with Zoom appears as an application that facilitates work from home) . And Five9’s customers include Under Armor, Olympus and Citrix.

The new acquisition aims to position Zoom as a company that can deliver corporate solutions much broader than video calling software. This is because the explosive growth of the application, which came in early 2020 when working from home became a constant due to the coronavirus pandemic, has slowed.


In part, that slowdown has to do with many workers returning to their offices. But it also has to do with other companies competing heavily with Zoom with similar solutions; One of them is Microsoft’s Teams, which will soon receive a major update and will offer integration with Office documents, for the convenience of professional users.

Certainly, Zoom is making a very strong bet with this purchase, since although on the one hand they are diversifying their product portfolio, on the other hand the amount to pay – even in shares – represents almost one sixth of the total valuation of the company , which exceeds $ 100 billion dollars.

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