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Zuckerberg and his wife are sued by two former employees | Digital Trends Spanish

Mark Zuckerberg is not having a good time. The founder of Facebook faces the serious accusations that the platform has received for neglecting the safety of users for the benefit of financial gains.

Now, the CEO has been sued along with his wife Priscilla Chan for two former workers that the couple had in their home.

The domestic employees filed lawsuits against both of them in addition to their assistants alleging harassment and discrimination in the family office that handles the couple’s requirements, according to Insider.

The lawsuit was filed in September this year and claims that those affected were victims of unfair labor practices and harassment by a former key Zuckerberg assistant, Liam Booth.

Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan. Getty Images

One of the plaintiffs is an Afro-descendant woman from the LGBTQ community who worked from 2018 to February 2019 at Limitless Specialty Services LLC, which provides security services to the family.

The former worker says in the lawsuit that she was the subject of degrading comments related to her gender and race by Booth. In addition, she claims that no adequate action was taken when she tried to address the problem.

Meanwhile, the other plaintiff claims to have been insulted and sexually harassed by Booth, who would even have groped him on several occasions.

For their part, the accusations against Zuckerberg and Chan indicate that their employees were forced to work overtime without adequate compensation.

One of the plaintiffs claims that he was forced to work 17 hours in one day to prepare for the Zuckerbergs’ arrival.

A spokesman for the president of Facebook claimed that these allegations could not be verified.

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