Tuesday, July 5

Zuckerberg has a nickname inspired by The Lord of the Rings | Digital Trends Spanish

Mark Zuckerberg can be “very intense” in his job running Meta. This is what his employees reveal, who even have a special nickname for the businessman, especially when he focuses a lot on a single task.

As Zuckerberg revealed in a podcast, his employees compare him to Sauron, who is part of The Lord of the rings (The Lord of the Rings), since his way of running the company in charge of Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram is usually quite intense.

Although this story was narrated almost anecdotally, it leaves a lot to think about, especially if you take into account that, in the work created by JRR Tolkien, Sauron is a symbol that represents evil and oppression in Middle-earth.

In any case, the CEO of the company says that he likes this nickname because he knows that many of the workers say it with affection.

Meta employees explained this nickname: “[Zuckerberg] he has endless energy to work on something. And if he focuses it on a particular team, he ends up burning it.”

For his part, the tycoon affirms that he tries to lower this energy so as not to be so intense for his employees. For this he performs various activities, such as surfing, since the water helps him focus on other things, he mentions.

For Zuckerberg, distracting himself and focusing on other aspects becomes crucial, since he starts every day reading emails about what happens in Meta and not all the news is always positive.

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