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Zuckerberg ruled out change to clean up Facebook: “That’s ridiculous” | Digital Trends Spanish

Facebook has a new name. Mark Zuckerberg’s company is now called Meta, in a change that doesn’t affect his apps and social media, but the company behind them.

In a chat with The Verge, Zuckerberg revealed his true motivations for renaming the company that started in 2004 as a university social network. “We wanted to have a new identity that is aligned with the vision of the future towards which we are working,” says the now top director of Meta.

That vision, of course, has to do with the metaverse, the alternative and virtual world in which a lot of money is invested. But it also has to do with the fact that it doesn’t make much sense for the entire company to have the same name as one of its products (Facebook).

“There was a lot of confusion over the fact that the company’s brand is also the name of a social network,” explains Zuckerberg. “When people logged into their Oculus Quest, they logged into their Facebook account because we wanted to have a single identity across the entire company.”

But now Zuckerberg thinks that it is better that that identity is different for each specific product and thus avoid situations in which people could believe that if they did not have a Facebook account they would not be able to use devices such as the aforementioned Quest.

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Another important aspect that Mark Zuckerberg wanted to clarify has to do with the current moment of his company. The name change to Meta is not motivated by questions about how the company operates. The idea of ​​renaming Facebook started years ago, although the actual conversations happened six months ago and very few people within the company knew about it.

“It had nothing to do with this. Although I think some people might want to make that connection, I think it is kind of ridiculous. In any case, I think this is not the environment in which you would want to introduce a new brand ”.

For Zuckerberg, the change has to do with “the next chapter” of Meta and whose focus will be on the metaverse.

Will there be a change in the name of the apps or their integration?

On the other hand, Zuckerberg was in charge of clarifying what will happen to the brands that now make up Meta: Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp.

“You will have a Facebook account and you will have an Instagram account. You will also have an account with the company that is the top level. So if you don’t want to use Facebook, you don’t have to. An interesting analogy here is that I think we are basically moving from being Facebook first as a company to being metaverses first. I feel like this is in a way like when Microsoft went from being Windows first to the cloud. Facebook is clearly still the app that people use the most of all the ones we make. But there are people who just want to use WhatsApp or they just want to use Instagram, or they just want to have Quest and be in VR or AR and not have to use these things.

So I think it’s about being able to choose which of the services you want to use and knowing that, whatever happens with your Facebook account or your Instagram account, you are still going to have all the content you bought in virtual reality or all your goods. virtual. [El usuario] you can set an avatar and it can be linked to one of those accounts or it can just be linked to your general identity in the different application families. And you can use it in all these places if you want. I bet that will be quite powerful, “he said.

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